Safety Equipment for Heavy Loads

Safety Equipment for Heavy Loads

Lifting is a common operation in various industries. It can be performed either manually or by using equipment designed to lift. Both operations can put workers at great risk. However, manual lifting has been known to cause serious injuries and health problems.

Risks of manual handling

Manual handling is defined as the support or transport of any load by hand or with any other bodily force. It includes lifting, pulling, pushing, carrying, putting down or moving of loads of any size. There are several risks associated with manual handling.

Manual lifting tasks are considered dangerous especially where the load is heavy and when it is performed at high frequency. Lifting heavy loads frequently can result in serious musculoskeletal injuries and disorders.

The costs associated with injuries, accidents and ill health resulting from manual handling operations can be immense. It is therefore more cost and resource-efficient to invest in lifting equipment to enhance safety in your facility.

Equipment for lifting

There are many different types of lifting equipment available. This equipment is designed to lower and lift loads. Some typical examples include:

1. Hydraulic jacks

Hydraulic jacks are commonly used in operations that require a great deal of power. They allow you to apply a small force to lift a heavy load. Some use forces applied physically while others are part of a lifting system that is controlled by computer systems. Hydraulic toe jacks, for example, allow you to apply pressure to a pedal with your foot. This force is transferred through the hydraulic jacks to lift a heavy load thus improving safety.

1. Machine moving skates

If you’re considering moving large machinery or extremely heavy and bulky storage boxes, machine skates would be the ideal choice. These skates are designed to make the moving of large, heavy and awkward pieces of furniture easy. You can easily transport loads of more than 50 tons quite easily.

1. Mini crane

Mini cranes not only allows you to lift heavy loads but also assists in moving them horizontally from one place to another. This equipment is especially beneficial where there is not much space to work with. They are popular in almost all industries including construction, shipping and manufacturing.

If you don’t want to experience extended downtime and the high cost of downtime that comes from accidents, injuries and health conditions, it is important to invest in equipment that enhances the safety and health of your employees. Lifting equipment is a great place to start.